Franchise Dat iceroll


New concept of ice cream.

If you want join the Dat iceroll family, we propose a franchise. contact

Dat iceroll revolutionized the method of making ice cream.

Out with scooping ice cream and in with the iceroll!

Unlike a conventional manufacturing system, the ice is formed, in seconds, on a refrigerated plate at -22 °F.

First we pour the neutral ice cream base on the frozen plate.
hen we add the flavors that the customer chooses and the ice cream solidifies before their eyes.  Using spatulas we create fancy icerolls.

IceRollers use dexterity to create beautiful and delicious icerolls as they put on a show to onlookers.  The roller method creates a percussive effect and after it’s finished the icerolls are only for our customers to taste!

We offer a package that includes everything you need to start your business (refrigerated plate, equipment,  supplies, training). Every moment with you we support you in all your efforts.  A simple quick installation and a catchy concept allows a quick return on investment.

Training and support of franchisees
We train so that you are fully operational upon receipt of your stand.

What matters is the desire. We take care to train and accompany you throughout the process.
We are looking for motivated partners who want to engage in a future project, around ice cream.
Today ice cream unleashed passions, and we want to surround ourselves with dynamic partners to develop our brand.
The essential qualities of our future partners are organizational skills, good interpersonal skills and unfailing motivation. contact

new concept of ice cream